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How to choose a suitable oil purifier?

From Published people:admin Release time2012-05-16 15:43:29
There is no denying that most of us agree that the primary thing to buy an oil purifier is considering the quality of the oil purifier and comparing the price of it, but in fact, many customers do not know how to choose a suitable purifier.
The following factors you should know when you choose an oil purifier:
1.      First and foremost, you should recognize the oil purifier whether can treat your waste oil? What the oil’s category? Does it belongs transformer oil, engine oil, lube oil, edible oil, fuel oil or some oil else? You should know the present condition of your collected waste oil? What’s the color of it? Can it flow or not? What’s the water, particles or other impurities contains percentage in the waste oil?
2.      The quality of the oil purifier and its spare parts. For customers, the quality of the oil purifier is the most important. All of NAKIN oil purifiers are adopted cool carbon steel or stainless steel materials, which make it operate smoothly and have a long life time. Besides, the motors of NAKIN oil purifier have overload alarm system which make sure machine working safe, when any motor fault or overload, machine will stop and audio alarm.
3.      Whether the oil purifier is most cost effective? Not only the machine’s cost should you take it into consideration, but also the operating cost. Most of our machine consume the electricity power, several consumes the fuel. But no matter what power it consumes, you should calculate its cost. NAKIN Company devotes to develop and produce the most cost-effective oil purifier and have gotten good feedbacks.
4.      Last but not least, you should consider the oil purifier’s maintenance, technical support, and after-sale service. These are all your guarantees to but an oil purifier, it’s also a good way to detect the real company strength. Our NAKIN Company always sticks to achieve a goal: To provide first-class service and create first-class brand.

In a word, before you choose an oil purifier, above suggestions maybe can help you to make your decision. If you have any question, please feel free to ask us, all NAKIN people will endeavor to serve for you.