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What is coalescenc & separating purifier?

FromNAKIN oil purifier company Published people:admin Release time2013-12-18 10:37:20

Coalescenc & separating purifier is the special oil purifier which is specially for purifying the fuel oil, removing the water and particles. This oil purifier is no heating device, and using two kinds special filters, the function of the special filter as following:

First oil flows into coalescence filter, coalescing-filter are made of special fiberglass and other synthetic materials with good hydrophilic. Coalescing-filter can remove particles and coalescence of water. The inner filtering materials remove particles firstly; surface demulsify-materials gather trace-water to the big water droplets; the big water droplets will subside to the water-collector (Bottom of the separator) by own gravity,

Separating filter made by speaical hydrophobicity materials which only can pass the oil molecule, the water molecule can’t pass it. So if there is any trace water will flow to separating filter, when oil flow to separating filter, the trace water will be obstructed from the outside of separating filter, only oil can flow out, water will gather again and subside to the water receiver (Bottom of the separating tanks) by own gravity. So you can discharge water by the valve.


TJ Separator Machine adopts two different functions filters (coalescing filter and separating filter). When the oil flows through the coalescing-filter, the separating filter in its internal experiences, four processes: filtering; coalescence, sedimentation, separating.