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Why use stainless steel for oil purifier?

From Published people:admin Release time2013-07-30 15:13:31

Stainless steel refers to the resistance of air, steam, water and other corrosive medium and weak acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching medium corrosion of steel, also known as acid-resistant stainless steel.


For the oil purifier industry, Most of the oil purifier made of carbon steel materials, it is effecive and economical, but sometimes we need to choose the stainless steel oil purifier machine, For example, if you purify the oil which contains the corrosive nature, carbon steel machine is easy to be corraded by the acid, but stainless steel can anti-corrade. Sometimes, if we purify the cooking oil, which will be supplied in people cooking, so we must choose the stainless steel, it can keep oil clean, keep oil nature stable.


Stainless steel welding is different from the carbon steel welding, it should use the special weld machine. Meanwhile, we have the special ways to treat the stainless steel surface, make it looks nice and as clean as a whistle.


Nakin Oil Purifier Company supply the stainless steel oil purifier, stainless steel filter tank, stainless steel oil tank, etc, we have special workers and equipment to manufacture the staineless steel machine for customer.