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The maintenance of vacuum oil purifier

FromNAKIN OIL PURIFIER Published people:admin Release time2012-12-11 19:04:50

If you have a vacuum oil purifier machine, what you need to do for the oil purifier maintenance, today we will list several points oil purifier maintenance information as following:


1.If the oil purifier works always, please make sure machine filter element is clean or under good condition, if filter jammed, the oil purifier working pressure will goes up, the worst thing will make machine working out of safe pressure, which will make the filter element broken. Meanwhile, if you purify the oil, the oil cleanness will low. So, always check the pressure gauge, make sure the machine pressure is under safe limitation.

2. Please check the vacuum pump oil level and oil condition, if low oil level will short vacuum pump working life, also, it will affect machine working vacuum value. There are double oil level line at the vacuum pump back, make sure oil level is between the two lines. Second, you should check vacuum oil condition, if vacuum pump work some times, there will mixed some water into vacuum oil, the oil will emulsion, if it is emulsion, please release that oil and fill few oil to keep vacuum pump gear under good lubricating.

3. After 2000 hours working life, please check the motor of vacuum pump and oil pump, make sure motor working under good condition, not overheat when working, make not big noise when working.

4. if you want to stock oil purifier, please place oil purifier in dry place, release all oil from oil purifier machine. Use canvas cover whole machine.